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EVLT Basic Pack

This Endovenous Laser Therapy Pack (EVLT) contains the components necessary to complete varicose and vein procedures. The U drape is designed to create and maintain the sterile field.


Absorbent Towels 2/EA
Bag, Ziplock, 8 X 10 in 1/EA
Blade, #11 Long 1/EA
Bowl, 500 cc/16 oz, Blue 1/EA
ChloraPrep, 2%, 10.5 ml 2/EA
Conductivity Gel, 20 ml 3
Cover, Back Table, 44 X 90 in 1/EA
Cover, Probe, 4 x 48 in 1/EA
CSR Wrap, 24 x 24 in 1/EA
Drape, U, 76 x 120 in, w/ Split 1/EA
Holder, Sharps Safety, 10 Count 1/EA
Labels, Black and White 9
Lidocaine, 1%, 20 ml, 10 mg 1/EA
Luer Lock Syringe, 10 cc 1/EA
Luer Lock Syringe, 3 cc 1/EA
Marker, Skin, Regular Tip 1
Needle, 22G x 1.5 in 1/EA
Needle, 25G X 1.5 in 1/EA
Needle, Spinal, 22G X 3.5 in 1/EA
Rubber Bands 2/EA
Sponge, Gauze, 4 X 4 in, 12 Ply 20/EA
Stripes, Steri, 0.5 x 4 in, 3/Card 1/EA
Surgical Gown, XL, Non-reinforced 2/EA
Towel, Cotton, Blue, 17 x 24 in 4/EA


Sterility: Sterile
Case Qty: 5
Packaging: CS
Selling UOM: Case

SKU: 682-026 Categories: ,


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