Basin & Trays

We are pleased to offer an extensive range of Bowls, Basins & Trays designed with the procedure pack manufacturer in mind. It is our mission to offer the best in cost, quality, and care in each and every product. The portfolio consists of a wide variety of sizes and designs for holding liquids such as saline, water, and contrast agents. They also serve as a means for passing sharps or as a base for procedure packs.

In addition to the standard portfolio, we’ve created a more sustainable and economical line of guidewire bowls and ring basins. Our ECO2™ products reduce our carbon footprint through efficient designs and improved packaging, lowering the amount of waste by up to 20%.

Basin & Trays Features:

  • 100% polypropylene
  • Injection-molded and thermoformed
  • A variety of uses include holding liquids that may eventually be injected into the body or used for cleaning instruments during surgical procedures.
  • ETO sterilisable
Available with or without lids, in an assortment of volumes and sizes.

Sponge Basins

Multipurpose kidney shaped basins used to hold solutions, instruments and other supplies.

Emesis Basins

Market-tested designs for easy collection and containment of the guidewire.

Guidewire Basins

Our eco-friendly alternative to standard guidewire basins. The ECO2 versions have better nesting, storage and transportation.

ECO2 Guidewire Basins

Lap Trays designed to contain long instrumentation and Placenta Basins to collect the placenta.

Lap Tray & Placenta Basins

Fits in all standard ring stands and holds solutions, instruments and other supplies.

Ring Basins

Our largest capacity basin with lipped edges for a firm grip during transportation.

Rectangular Basins

Used in the collection, measurement, or distribution of fluids and medications.

Medicine Cups

Low-profile pitcher designed with transparent material for easy viewing of contents.

Graduated Pitchers

A wide selection of multipurpose trays.

Assorted Trays