Invenio’s unique innovations in every aspect of surgical draping is helping push the market to better places, and features our unique HydraGuard® reinforced fabric and EdgeGuard™ surgical edging adhesive.

Invenio’s SteriGuard® Surgical Drapes are a breakthrough in design, delivering optimal protection and performance for creating and maintaining a sterile field in surgery. No matter the procedure type, SteriGuard® combines superior barrier technology, absorption, and strength, to ensure that placement is easy and that drapes remain in place during surgery.

Offering a variety of performance materials, from our non-woven SMS to our ONEZONE™ bi-laminate and tri-laminate materials, we’ve incorporated the highest quality fabrics and absorbent reinforcements in the market today.

GRI ECO2 Surgical Drapes

Select a Product Family

The widest variety of multiple access angiography, angioplasty and electrophysiology drapes, developed hand in hand with physicians.


Soft and drapeable, these drapes are designed for special procedures; PICC line insertion, Pacemakers and Botto Transpedal Access.

Special Procedures

The basic drape portfolio offers a simple, flexible system for minor procedures or to square off incision sites.

Basic Drapes

Designed to meet the unique needs of cardiovascular surgery, from minimally invasive to open procedures.


For ear, nose, throat and neurology surgery, we offer a full range of designs to meet your specific draping requirements

EENT / Neurology

Offering a vast portfolio to meet the draping needs of general surgery, from abdomen, breast and more.

General Surgery

Pediatric to adult drapes featuring various fenestration sizes to meet the procedural needs.

Laparotomy / Laparoscopic

Portfolio of drapes for gynecologic, urologic, and colorectal procedures, with and without attached leggings.

Lithotomy / Urology

Constructed with low lint materials and fluid-containment pouches to reduce exposure during phacoemulsification and other fluid-intensive procedures.


Developed to meet the rigors of Orthopedic surgeries; knees, hips, shoulders, extremities and more.