Industries Served

Human Health

We take care of people around the world and offer innovative product solutions designed for today’s ever evolving healthcare industry. To fulfill the complete needs of people for their overall wellbeing, we create solutions for people to get better quicker. Focusing on the complete continuum of care, we follow our patients through their healthcare journey, with products supporting the laboratory, operating room and home health care. Our passion for innovation drives us to design solutions which contribute to better health and improved patient outcomes.

Home Care

The transition from hospital to home care continues to become increasingly more important and we believe providing continuity of care through consistent high quality supplies ensures a smooth transition to meet your patients’ needs. From hospital to homecare, our line of Allecare products aid in the transition, featuring therapeutic support surfaces to wheelchair accessories, our products are designed with the patient in mind.


In the laboratory environment, protecting the patient and the staff is of paramount importance. We develop products designed for laboratory use, such as heel incision devices, specimen cups and ComfortGuard™ protective apparel. Our gentleheel device™ device is a safe and effective way to acquire blood samples from the heels of newborns and toddlers and the staff is protected during blood sampling while wearing our disposable lab coat.

Everyday, our products are used by technicians and staff worldwide. Protecting your team and delivering accurate results matters.

Animal Health

Using innovative technology to provide the best care to our furry families. We aim to aid animal health professionals with our product solutions. We value the success of your veterinary practice and provide the best quality products to help you succeed. Our products support the companion, large animal and equine healthcare market. From surgical solutions to patient warming, we are dedicated to improving your patient’s health.