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Arterial Angio Pack

This standard pack contains the components necessary to complete an arterial angiography or angioplasty procedure. The femoral angiography drape features access to either the right or left femoral artery and incorporates Hydraguard™ absorbent material to manage fluids. The pack contains the additional components necessary to support your procedural needs.


Bag, Band, 36 X 36 in, w/ Tape 1/EA
Bag, Poly, 8 X 10 in 1/EA
Blade, #11 Long Handle 1/EA
Bowl, 500 cc/16 oz, Blue 1/EA
Bowl, 8 oz/250 cc, Blue 1/EA
Bowl, Guidewire, 2500 cc, Blue 1/EA
ChloraPrep, 2%, 10.5 ml 1/EA
Cover, Back Table, 50 X 90 in 1/EA
Cup, Medicine, 2 oz 1/EA
Drape, Femoral Angiography 1/EA
Fluid Collection Bowl, WasteStop™ 1/EA
Forcep, Halstead, Mosquito, 5 in, Straight 1/EA
Holder, Sharps Safety, Foam 1/EA
Luer Lock Syringe, 10 cc 5/EA
Luer Lock Syringe, 20 cc 3/EA
Needle, 18G X 1.5 in 1/EA
Needle, 22G1-1/2 in, Safety 1/EA
Needle, 25G X 1.5 in 1/EA
Sponge, Gauze, 4 X 4 in, 12 Ply 40/EA
Surgical Gown, XL, Non-reinforced 1/EA
Surgical Gown, XXL, Non-reinforced 2/EA
Syringe,10 cc Blue, Medication 1/EA
Towel Clamp, White, A-Shaped 3/EA
Towel, Cotton, Blue, 17 x 24 in 12/EA


Sterility: Sterile
Case Qty: 5
Packaging: CS
Selling UOM: Case

SKU: 686-136 Categories: ,


Our line of standard procedures packs provides high-quality, cost-effective supplies which help to drive efficiencies through supply chain standardization, inventory management, room set up and waste reduction. Select from a variety of kits which meet your procedural needs.

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