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Allesorb® Impervious Table Covers

Our Allesorb® Absorbent Table Covers were designed to offer a set of premium, comprehensive fluid management solutions setting the industry standard in fluid control. The Allesorb® Absorbent Table Covers feature a soft cloth like top layer designed to rapidly wick fluids away from the patient, a middle layer constructed to accomplish maximum absorbency and dryness by directing fluids away from the skin with an impermeable bottom layer.

We are proud to support the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, incorporating only the highest quality pulp from sustainable sources.


Providing a dry environment for patients is important for maintaining skin integrity and reducing the potential for tissue breakdown and ulcers. Invenio’s super absorbent table covers are designed to quickly wick fluids away from the patient, trapping moisture in the absorbent core and away from the dry, soft, and smooth outer layer. The impervious absorbent cover creates a protective barrier protecting equipment, patient, and staff.

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