Founded by healthcare industry professionals that combine decades of global surgical protection product experience, Invenio Procedure Solutions provides a full range of solutions for assisting in infection prevention and control, including surgical drapes, surgical gowns, and operating room turnaround kits.

Finding the right combination of cost and performance is now easier than ever.

Procedure Packs

Invenio’s standard and custom Procedure Pack Solutions help maintain costs while providing high-performance products for surgical procedures, an integral part of your operation’s success.


Surgical Drapes

From Angiography and Ophthalmic procedures to Cardiovascular and OB/GYN, Invenio’s comprehensive line of surgical drapes provides the best sterile barrier protection for patients, equipment, and clinicians at highly competitive price points.


Surgical Gowns

Innovative designs, materials, and construction make Invenio’s surgical gowns the perfect solution for any procedure. Our comprehensive portfolio ensures the best balance of protection, quality, and price.


Room Turnaround Kits

Invenio’s CORE Room Turnaround Kits® enable quick, efficient, and effective Operating Room clean up and preparation, with kits customized for specific procedures or to match the unique needs of your facility.