Protective Apparel

Comfort and protection from head to toe for whatever procedure awaits

We created our apparel portfolio based on the founding principles of protection, comfort, and value. From fabric selection to product design, our goal is to provide protection for both the patient and staff. No matter what the procedure or task, each product provides the ultimate combination of comfort and protection.

Our apparel line offers a wide range of products, including lab coats, isolation gowns, headwear, footwear, scrubs, coveralls, and patient gowns. Protection levels range from dry particle to performance rated/high fluid protection, allowing you to easily match the correct garment to the needs and requirements of each individual procedure.

ComfortGuard® Protective Apparel Features:

  • Natural rubber latex-free
  • Low lint generation
  • Class 1 Flammability rating per 16 CFR Part 1610
  • Anti-static treated fabric
  • Compliance to industry standards

Isolation Gowns

In an environment where it is critical to protect both patient and staff from the potential transfer of microorganisms, our isolation gown portfolio offers a full range of coverage, from single layer spunbond fabric for dry particle protection to tri-layer, heavy weight SMS fabric and film gowns for heavier fluid exposure.

Each of our performance rated isolation gowns meets the standards required for critical barrier creation and fluid protection, and incorporates a tri-layer fabric which is breathable and protective. These gowns are designed to provide full coverage, helping to reduce the exposure and transmission of potentially infectious organisms, lowering the risk of cross-contamination.

Chemotherapy Gowns

Designed to provide maximum protection from hazardous drugs during compounding, administering, handling waste, or cleaning up chemotherapeutic drug spills, our light-weight ChemoGuard™ chemotherapy gown features knitt cuffs, a closed back for full coverage, generous cut for comfortable fit, and a tie neck closure for easy donning and doffing with high-visibility branding to idenfity specific useability with chemotherapy drugs.

Lab Coats

Our limited-use, reusable lab coats are designed for the task. We’ve incorporated raglan sleeves for a generous fit, chest and hip pockets, a hanging loop, and a back vent for easy movement. Available in blue or white, in either standard or extra protection.


We balanced comfort, modesty and protection in our single use scrub suits. Our soft, tri-layer fabric allows for protection and comfort and the dark blue color provides an additional level of modesty for the wearer. Perfect for visitors or staff, the tailored design is ideal for both men and women.


Our shoe covers have been designed with fit and protection in mind and feature a generous cut and three size options, ensuring proper coverage. Traction adds an additional level of security.


Our headwear portfolio is designed with comfort and protection in mind. From lightweight, breathable bouffant caps to full coverage hoods, our range of styles provides the necessary coverage for a variety of procedures.


Our coverall line features a breathable tri-layer fabric designed to provide durability and protection from light fluids and contact isolation cases.

Patient Robes

As a healthcare provider, it’s important to ensure your patients maintain a sense of comfort and modesty. Our full coverage robes provide both. Side wrap tie and closure tab ensure appropriate coverage.

Cystoscopy Aprons

Heavyweight polyethylene film apron designed for higher fluid procedures.


Anti-fog and anti-static coating, for clear, fog-free vision.

Eye Shields

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