Procedure Pack Surgical Solutions

Invenio Procedure Solutions Begin With Your Needs First and Foremost

When we sat down to create a better Procedure pack solution, we did so with an understanding that our success would be dependent on one thing … the end customer.

Listening to them, helping get a clear definition of what they value in Procedure Kit offerings, and what they would like to see in them, was a natural start point for us, and continues to be the foundation that supports our continued growth. Key in all of those conversations was an adherence to a blend of three critical requirements.

Invenio Procedure Solutions - Performance

Invenio’s pack components are built to meet the needs of all types of procedures and in all conditions, offering an extremely wide range of products from gowns and drapes to accessories and positioners. In all cases, each component ensures that our kits will meet all protection and performance requirements, from the highest levels to the most minimal.


Building a better product is only good as the ability of the end user to consistently receive it on time, as ordered, and without delay or confusion. Invenio’s unique Vertical Integrated business model takes advantage of supply chain opportunities and communication transparency that makes questions of reliability a thing of the past.

Invenio Procedure Solutions - Reliability
Invenio Procedure Solutions - Cost Management

While performance and reliability are key to the management and use of products, today’s Procedure pack solutions must be delivered in a cost structure that is tenable for facilities. Otherwise, all other factors are of no consequence. With Invenio’s vertically integrated manufacturing structure, we are able to utilize today’s technologies, supply chain, and production systems to ensure that the best product is created where it can most efficiently deliver quality and cost benefits, and packs are assembled in a manner that serves to the benefit of performance and reliability without driving up costs.