Our Company

Our promise of discovery creates new solutions for a better tomorrow.

Founded by healthcare industry professionals with decades of healthcare product development, manufacturing, clinical support, and marketing experience, Invenio provides a full range of solutions for infection prevention and control, focusing today on the operating room and areas such as surgical gowns, surgical drapes, and O.R. turnaround kits.

Key to our success is adherence to our mission of providing a better tomorrow for clinicians, providers, patients, and their families. Within this mission, we continue to challenge ourselves with new ideas for improvement, based on best practices, insights from end users, and emerging opportunities in materials, fabric technology and manufacturing processes.


Invenio’s innovative range of solutions provides healthcare facilities with confidence when protecting clinicians and patients through outstanding performance in design and manufacturing.

  • Head-to-toe protection for clinicians and patients
  • Engineered materials that leverage the latest, most advanced protective technologies
  • Innovative design features that focus on risk prevention

Invenio’s surgical solutions provide much-needed dependability in our products as well as the fulfillment of them.

  • Innovative designs that help provide superior protection and performance in high, moderate, and light risk situations
  • Flexibility to customize solutions based on the evolving needs of surgeons and clinicians worldwide and deliver when needed
  • Manufacturing and supply chain processes that keep product stocked, supplied, and updated as demanded by facilities

Invenio provides a new “win-win” model of maximum value and quality.

  • Self-manufactured solutions controls costs versus utilization of middle-men or “brokers”
  • Vertically integrated solutions–from design to manufacturing to sterilization–allows complete quality control
  • Optimally designed manufacturing and supply solutions minimize costs within the production process