ComfortGuard® Surgical Gowns

Head to Toe Protection + Best-In-Class Comfort

With the protection and safety of doctors and staff as our guide, we have considered every element of the surgical gown as an opportunity to improve performance. From the unique formation of our fibers to the innovative design of our sleeves, Invenio’s ComfortGuard® Surgical Gowns have built from the ground up with the challenges of different surgical procedures in mind.

Our gowns provide a wide range of choice and value, and have been created through our unique vertically-integrated design, manufacturing, and testing processes, resulting in an optimal balance of price and performance.

Another Breakthrough In Surgical Performance

ComfortGuard® understands that every cut and stitch in the O.R. is critical. Which is why we apply the same thinking to the design and construction of our surgical gowns.

What makes ComfortGuard® gowns so much better for surgeons and surgical staff?

Each of our gown lines provides exceptional barrier protection, a low-bulk fit with intuitive pleat placement for articulated, full-range sleeves, and a unique fabric construction that effectively protects clinicians while keeping them cool, from our highest protection i600 gowns to our standard protection i500 line.