The Promise of Discovery, For A Better Tomorrow

Our company was born out of a desire to re-imagine how a surgical solutions company can drive better outcomes through new thinking and vision. Leveraging insights from decades of healthcare device experience, we are singularly focused on continuous exploration of product improvement.

We are driven by an ever-present desire to put into the market a brand of infection prevention solutions that constantly leverage new innovations in design, technology, and materials and manufacturing. In this pursuit, our ideas are tested and vetted with established practitioners who help us not only to verify new concepts of designs, but challenge us to reach farther.

As we push the boundaries of innovation, at our core is the understanding that real-world outcomes are the end goal of our mission … better results for clinicians, providers, patients, and their families. Staying true to this means always keeping in mind that improvement is not limited to technologies and design, but is a part of a larger effort to tip the scales toward improved results in healthcare delivery.

Patients and clinicians define success in many ways, but all with one outcome … A Better Tomorrow. At Invenio, our quest for discovering better solutions to help facilitate that outcome is our never-ending journey.

Surgical Procedure, Operating Room, and Patients